SEMICON CHINA 2020 / Flexible supply chain value is built for SDS / CDS


SEMICON CHINA / FPD CHINA 2020, the 1st international semiconductor and optical professional exhibition and the country's biggest market fair starting in Shanghai, is the 1st SEMICON show in the world during 2020. The original event date was on March 18th, and was postponed to June 27 since the COVID-19 impact; however, this show still attracted many visitors discussing the index technology during the event. The opening keynote, sharing insights on the global industry landscape, technology trend, and market, showed an optimistic forecast of the industry's development, it is expected to gradually move towards with strong and powerful growth by 2021.

ASIA ICMP presented a series of Flexible Supply Chain Value Idea for Slurry and Chemical Delivery System modes of this relationship, echoing the global semiconductor development trend, shown in the Taiwan Pavilion exhibition. The new vision launched focusing on the smart factory affairs, it is an assistance idea in the realization of more advanced processes and high-throughput process planning. Strategy planning and R&D center is located in Taiwan with multi-national patent protection and manufacturing supporting layout management, setting up business offices and manufacturing plants near the customer area while the service chain members include Suzhou YXT, Shanghai SiangTai, Sizmen YiTai, etc. and Japan and Singapore partners. That is the way to innovate, pave the way for a flexible supply chain and make sure customer satisfaction at the same time.

To face the challenge of the global impact of COVID-19 and Trade War, supply chain management has extended many important issues such as “multinational and cross-regional supply chain flexibility” or “diversity and possibility of unified assembly after off-site production” was discussed during SEMICON CHINA event. In particular, the equipment products mostly are considered to be designed, made, and assembled located in the same country, it ensures the consistency of the maker's technology and know-how but cannot adjust production levels if the located country is in export, import, and trade risks.

The key technologies in SDS and CDS which provided by ASIAICMP, such as processing and management parts, are modularized to decentralize or centralize the production line. We can design the idea in Taiwan to ensure the value of rich experiences are connected, modular production in different places, then integrate all the module parts on the customer's location for assembly and piping. The advantages of flexibility and a trustworthy partnership is provided by ASIAICMP.

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