Optimized space and cost design - Triple-tank semiconductor slurry system


To ensure the stability and quality optimization of the semiconductor processingChemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP) process, the process control of material, mixing, deliverying and distributing to the process end is extremely important. ASIAICMP is committed to providing high-efficiency and customized chemical mechanical grinding slurry delivery system, focusing on the refinement of the slurry blending process in the tank of the mixing equipment, in order to meet the safety space of human maintenance, providing "triple tanks" "System" is introduced which is a system operation method with more optimized safety redundancy, more accurate and real-time mixing, ensuring better grinding fluid quality and lower system operating costs.

The conventional technology used in the slurry supply system is mostly two-barrel or four-barrel. Take the two-barrel type as an example, with the concept of double-barrel tanks, one mixing unit and one feeding unit are used to continuously supply liquid mixtures. Although the construction cost is low, it cannot bear the failure of any unit due to maintenance or cleaning, resulting in the suspension of supply. The four-barrel type is equipped with four-unit barrels, two-unit mixing, and two-unit feeding; therefore, the space requirement increases and the number of components and devices is increased, and the operation frequency of the relative device is high; although it can achieve the effect of continuous material and safety redundancy, it is relatively higher built and operating costs. Regardless of the two-barrel or four-barrel method, there are risks or low-efficiency concerns that the high-tech plant cannot bear in its operation.

The triple-tank (three-barrel) system eliminates the disadvantages of the two-barrel and four-barrel type. The three barrels are used to support each other, so that any barrel has the same function, which can achieve mixing, supply, temporary storage or maintenance. In addition to parallel individual output, this system device can also output in series, flexibly providing multiple loop requirements and a large number of output requirements. In order to achieve the stable operation of the three-barrel type, ASIAICMP has mastered the optimal pipeline configuration, providing a stable supply system, and real-time monitoring of the quality operating conditions of each barrel. The triple-tank system operation has the advantages of environmental protection and supply efficiency. It utilizes the minimized plant and facility layout to maximize the safety margin, and can produce the freshest mixed material supply in real time, minimizing the number of device operations. The reduction in the frequency of operating parts is the relative increase in the maintenance life of the unit, and the purpose of equipment maintenance can be completed under the continuous demand for materials.

ASIAICMP's triple-tank slurry supply system has been recognized by invention patents, and has technological advancements such as space saving, cost saving, and consideration of safe supplying level of materials. The slurry is accurately remixed, stirred, and diluted to ensure its dispersion and quality, and provide a reliable factory operation for the advanced semiconductor manufacturing process.

ASIAICMP exclusive triple-tank slurry delivery and supply system

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