ASIAICMP Smart Barrel Shaker / Tumbler attracts attention at Japan Nano Tech 2021

The major nanotechnology exhibition "nano tech 2021" was unveiled on December 9th at Big Sight, Tokyo International Exhibition Hall, Japan, attracting experts from semiconductor, optoelectronics, biotechnology, medical, and environmental energy-related industries to gather. ASIA ICMP and NISSEI CORPORATION jointly exhibited a full range of chemical liquid delivery and mixing solutions. The entire system of pipelines, valves, and mixing operations with zero dead angles. The chemical slurry particles can be uniformly dispersed and stirred, and the possibility of contamination by the chemical liquid can be avoided by help from the mechanism without dead ends.
For chemical liquids or slurry containing nano-particles that need to be continuously stirred or stirred before use, the continuous shaker solution provided by the "ASIAICMP Tumbler TB-200" was exhibited for the first time in Tokyo and attracted attention. TB-200 has been recognized by the 2021 Taiwan Excellence Award. This product can provide continuous shaker operation so that nanomaterials with certain suspension stability can be uniformly dispersed again before being used. In line with the intelligent operation framework, in addition to meeting the needs of hardware automation, it also considers the convenience and safety of users’ operations and provides corresponding bucket operations based on various slurry with different characteristics, so that customers can master the complete slurry drum operation data can effectively achieve the optimal data analysis link, which is in line with the expectation of intelligent automation.
The service concept of in-depth customer needs and continuous technological innovation are the advantages that ASIAICMP has maintained for a long time in the industry. In the near future, we will also introduce the corresponding automatic feeding program of the drum shaker, not only the limited scope of the drum, barrel or tank shaking operation, but also the safety and convenience of the customers before and after the drum shaking operation. Providing more intelligent liquid material handling measures will be the goal of ASIAICMP’s sustainable development.



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