SEMICON CHINA 2021 - Smart auto material handling system

SEMICON CHINA 2021 Booth N1 1331
Since SEMICON CHINA was first held in Shanghai in 1988, it has become a major event in the semiconductor industry. Although the number of visitors at the exhibition in 2020 has dropped sharply due to the impact of the epidemic, this year's exhibition has resumed its prosperous scene; thousands of exhibitors exhibited and visitors discussed together. Orientations include semiconductor design, manufacturing, and packaging, and semiconductor development such as testing, equipment, materials, and advanced applications.

ASIAICMP and Suzhou Yuanxintai Semiconductor Technology gathered at SEMICON CHINA 2021; ASIAICMP taps the technical value of the chemical slurry supply and delivery system, and implements the self-made demand of the semiconductor supply chain in China through Yuanxintai to meet the demand for technical facilities, the two parties once again joined the international semiconductor annual event together.

As mentioned in the opening keynote speech this year, in response to the high growth in demand for artificial intelligence applications, the semiconductor market will continue to grow steadily. When the global semiconductor industry growth is estimated to reach 8% in 2020, China's growth level will be twice that of the world. How to meet the needs of semiconductor manufacturing and have more flexible human resource allocation, intelligent manufacturing has become one of the focus themes of this year's SEMICON CHINA 2021.

Although the automation of the electronics industry has accumulated experience for several years, there are many empirical studies on issues such as increasing productivity and reducing costs, but in contrast, the semiconductor manufacturing process is more complex, so smart manufacturing in the semiconductor industry chain pays more attention to responding to the requirements of rapid change and innovative competition.

In the field of automation in the semiconductor industry, in addition to the process field, there are many high-risk operations on the factory side that need to speed up the intelligent process of unmanned operation to achieve safe and accurate operation and control, such as the barrel tank of the chemical conveying and loading system and the system connection operation. , At this stage, most of the manual operations are currently used for the transportation and pipeline connection of the barreled chemical liquid.

The unmanned operation can reduce the leakage hazard caused by human error, and at the same time improve the accuracy of the operation; for this reason, ASIAICMP has more than 20 years of system operation experience, integrated requirements and independently developed a series of chemical and slurry transportation. The intelligent automatic control scheme of the system provides the supply, utilization, recycling and processing of chemicals, and improves the efficiency of equipment through intelligent design.

Modified exisitng equipment or installed new unit with automation modules to improve the automation operations, and meet the requirements of energy conservation, environmental protection, high efficiency, humanization, strengthen risk management and sustainable development management, so as to continue to develop smart factories

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