iChemLid Charge received the Taiwan Excellence Award in 2024

ASIAICMP has long been dedicated to the field of high-tech factory facilities, particularly in systems involving the transport of valuable raw materials such as chemicals and semiconductor-level slurry. In the facilities covering material storage, transport, processing, and quality control within this system, ASIAICMP has demonstrated exceptional professional expertise. In high-tech manufacturing environments, especially in the semiconductor industry, the storage, transport, and processing of materials are crucial processes that require not only high automation but also precise quality control to meet the high-quality requirements of semiconductor manufacturing processes.

For example, in material storage and transportation, although Wafer-automated / FOUP applications are well-developed, the implementation of chemical barrel/tank/drum material control still heavily relies on manual operations due to the complexity of operational characteristics or low cost-effectiveness for introducing new operations. Specifically, in operations involving the handling and opening of chemical barrels, which may weigh several hundred kilograms and involve complex operations such as lid-opening and liquid-tube-insert, manual intervention and operation are still prevalent, exposing operators to potential risks of operating in a chemical environment.

To address this challenge, ASIAICMP has established the AutoSmart Division in recent years, focusing on the primary and secondary associated operations of Chemical/Slurry Delivery Systems (CDS/SDS) to innovate in intelligent automation. In this context, the "Fully Automatic Lid Opening and Chemical Liquid Transport System iChemLid" was developed and received the Taiwan Excellence Award in 2024.

iChemLid provides a new method for automating preparatory operations for chemical liquid transport units in the original supply system, including key operations such as material handling, transfer, loading, feeding, and unloading. This enables precise movement of chemical and grinding fluid raw materials into equipment, guiding them into specific pipeline systems and semiconductor processing operations.

ASIAICMP's innovation is not only reflected in technological research and development but also in the globally pioneering and most energy-efficient "Fully Automatic Lid Opening and Chemical Liquid Transport System." The system's introduction achieves the data intelligence and operational automation management of the "transport, opening, and liquid extraction" of chemical barrels. Whether it is a soft or hard 55-gallon chemical barrel, it can be transferred, rotated, and aligned. Sealed covers with various patterns on chemical barrels can efficiently open, extract, and relock covers without the need to replace the opener. The automatically aligned liquid suction tube not only pumps chemical liquids to the upper-level chemical delivery system but also, with the tilt device, ensures the liquid inside the chemical barrel can be tilted and emptied. With the integration of data collection and monitoring systems (SCADA) and the central facility monitoring system (FMCS) on the client side, ASIAICMP achieves the collection, organization, application, and management of operation data such as "pushing chemical barrels into the suction equipment, opening barrel covers, aligning liquid suction tubes, extracting liquid, locking barrel covers, and pushing barrels out of the equipment," thereby achieving 100% automated chemical barrel liquid extraction control.

Applying iChemLid to chemical barrel liquid extraction operations in semiconductor or high-tech factory facilities not only establishes extensive operational data records but also effectively saves manpower, reduces human contact with chemicals, and consequently lowers safety risks. Simultaneously, all-weather facility management enables comprehensive control of liquid extraction operations, further enhancing the level of intelligent management in factories and assisting customers in achieving better ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) management goals. ASIAICMP's iChemLid system is not only at the pinnacle of technology but also represents a commitment to industrial safety, production efficiency, and environmental friendliness.

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