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As Environmental/Social/Governance (ESG) becomes the most critical topic of business sustainability. Four major Green manufacturing areas including Circular Economy, Decarbonization, High-Tech Facility, and Smart Energy Management Pavilions were exhibited at SEMICON Taiwan 2022 show, demonstrating the sustainable and technology development capabilities of the semiconductor supply chain.

The "Chemical/Slurry Supply System (CDS/SDS)" provided by Asia IC MIC-Process (ASIAICMP) provides dual-value advantages that meet the goals of smart transformation and low-carbon emission. The premise of meeting the requirements of the smart factory and the advanced process, by creating better "trust value" with semiconductor customers, it is to develop a solution that takes into account both the economic aspect and ESG management.

Taking the triple-tank slurry supply system, iTrident, as an example, it can achieve better material handling efficiency under the minimum space of plant configuration, save space, and prolong the service life of the equipment by reducing the operating frequency of the unit parts. Overall cost savings from construction to operation and maintenance. Under the design that conforms to human factors maintenance, space-saving, and minimalist aesthetics, it provides a supply system with more optimized safety redundancy, more accurate mixing, and a real-time guarantee of the quality of the slurry.

In terms of equipment operation management visualization, ASIAICMP displays TRACKINGs in quality sensors and flow control, and integrates "big data" and "sensors" for the man-machine operation to provide customers with the application of smart technology. Achieve intelligent product functions with "production information visualization", "failure prediction", "accuracy compensation", "automatic parameter setting", "automatic control" and "automatic scheduling". For example, by the interface displayed from data control system, it is possible to know the status of the tanks in which the liquid is delivered to the equipment, including the pressure stability, mixing time and efficiency, and the quality inspection of the output slurry/chemical.

Software interface, with the linkage between the background program and the detection instrument, displayed the best operation effect is achieved, and its operation data is retained in the intelligent database, so as to be connected with the big data of other operations. Various record data generated by smart monitoring are dynamically stored in the database, and this database has a redundancy function even if one database fails, the other database can still save all records and maintain the operation of smart operations on as big data collection basis.

ASIAICMP's solutions are configured with intelligent modules which are customized to the needs of customers and users, including supply volume, supply distance, and complexity of supply liquid, which are the keys to dynamic adjustment for optimization. Based on the consumption of the user and the floor plan, the control structure can be basically divided into two types, including 1. for testing or mini-fabs; 2. for mass material supply, with multi-layer in-line online quality Large-scale fabs. The solutions provided by ASIAICMP are in line with the concepts of safety, convenience, innovation and cost saving, and achieve the goals of environmental protection and green energy in the supply chain and sustainable operation of the industry.

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