Leading supply system technology in the "Metaverse IoT Semiconductor Pavilion" at TW FAIR

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The 13th TW FAIR (Dongguan Taiwan Expo) was held in Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center. ASIAICMP demonstrated the advantages of Taiwan's semiconductor supply chain leading supply system technology in the "Metaverse IoT Semiconductor Pavilion".
As won a Taiwan Excellence for successive three years, ASIAICMP has been working on the "Semiconductor Chemical & Slurry Delivery System" for a long time with a high market share and has been recognized as a well-known solution provider. It has obtained more than 100 patents in many countries and has achieved pioneering technology development and brand management. The total solution in response to the layout of smart factory management, includes (1) slurry mix & supply system, including various equipment, (2) chemical liquid supply system, (3) customized/high-end components, including exclusive patented various styles of special fluid PTFE valves, (4) strategic components corresponding to advanced processes, including exclusive patented temperature, humidity and mixing control components, (5) management strategies and solutions, including quality monitoring at each stage of the process, (6) System engineering, including the construction of consistent construction operations and system program control.
The strategic components required for customization and advanced manufacturing process composed of exclusive technology, combined with the intelligent management strategy of various sensors and online management, enable ASIAICMP's supply system equipment to provide customers with intelligent control for factory management.

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