ASIAICMP’s smart auto chemical delivery solution is exhibited at Compound Semiconductor pavilion in Touch Taiwan show

ASIAICMP’s smart auto chemical delivery solution is exhibited at Compound Semiconductor pavilion in Touch Taiwan show
  • 張丹鳳/Taipei
  • 2022-5-3
亞泰半導體設備於Touch Taiwan展出。亞泰半導體
As mentioned by Prashant V. Kamat, Professor of Notre Dame University, who orgnized several Nobel Prize recipients’ point of view about the 10 most important issues for humankind in the next 50 years. Energy issue was ranked 1st, then followed by water resource, food, and environmental issues, it's all concerned by those knowledge pioneers.

With the development of high technology, the more correct and effective use of energy and the protection of the environment have become a global issue. When the pursuit of high-power semiconductors clearer, such as electric vehicles and autonomous driving, cloud processing computing or fast charging and power conversion, etc., these future products become inevitable, we have to consider the process supply chain corresponding to high-efficiency products.

In response to the trend of high-efficiency supply chain, this year's "Touch Taiwan 2022" brings several themes together such as "smart display", "smart manufacturing", "advanced equipment", "new innovation", "industrial materials" , and "net zero carbon emission".

In addition to displaying the highlights of the panel industry, it also shows the semiconductor trend of future concepts. ASIAICMP’s booth is located in the "Compound Semiconductor Supply Chain Pavilion" of this show, exhibiting two applications of chemical liquid supply/delivery system that are suitable for future processes. One is dedicated to semiconductor factories, amplifying precise control while "triple-tank slurry delivery equipment - iTrident" for mixing, conveying and buffering. Secondly, the "Auto Chemical Conveying System" provided for the unmanned operations of the factory, which can be intelligentized by opening the lid of chemical barrels, strawing liquid and other operations, reducing risks associated with chemical exposure from workers, and accurately finding the data knowledge of the system.

In the past 25 years, ASIAICMP has devoted itself to the customized supply of chemical and slurry delivery systems required for first- and second-generation semiconductor manufacturing. Launched the "Intelligent Chemical Conveying Series" to make the material management of chemical barrels automated. To aid chemical operations of advanced manufacturing plants, and to achieve ESG and factory management goals of sustainable development.
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