SEMICON Taiwan 2020

The 2020 SEMICON Taiwan International Semiconductor Exhibition is the first to integrate the virtual and actual exhibitions, update the new knowledge of technology simultaneously, and strengthen the focus on three themes, such as advanced semiconductor process, smart manufacturing, and green manufacturing. ASIAICMP shows factory-side slurry and chemical delivery system (slurry/chemical delivery system, SDS / CDS) solutions with optimized operation efficiency, energy-saving, and environmental protection; and slurry blending and delivering. The process ensures its dispersion and quality, which meets the high-precision requirements of the advanced manufacturing process for raw materials; in the near future, it has invested a lot of research and development energy and integrated external resources to build a complete and exclusive automated conveying system to connect with smart manufacturing.

ASIAICMP has been dedicated to customization for several years and has achieved outstanding results. It is committed to "listening to the voice of customers" and believes that "realizing customer needs" is a win-win situation for mutual value enhancement of both parties. Therefore, corresponding to customer customization or improvement needs, work with customers to solve pain points and create value, and prioritize their solutions.

With years of experience in customized services, ASIAICMP has solved the pain points for customers time and time again, starting from the big and small, and creating new value. For example, in the slurry mixing supply system mode, it is equipped with three triple-tanks systems that reach the mixing and supply tanks at the same time, replacing any traditional tank with only a single operation mode, providing customers with large spaces in a confined and narrow space. Volume operation not only meets the customer's supply-demand to ensure the connection between the factory system and the production capacity, but also achieves the added value of safety margin.

Moreover, the continuous barrel shacking (Tumbler/ TB-200) operation at the front end of the supply system prevents the slurry from sinking in the barrel. ASIAICMP exclusively provides a full-protection casing and equipped with a closed water tray to solve customers’ concerns about inconvenience in loading and unloading and work safety. It also rotates at 360° and is matched with a stirring mode with a 30° inclination angle to create a better stirring effect. Create results for customer value, and at the same time become ASIAICMP's patented technology, which is the technical foundation for continuous progress.

ASIAICMP has heard about realizing value for customers, continuously pursuing internal innovation, strengthening investment in research and development capabilities, and through external technology complementary cooperation, such as the add 3D printing tool as a product development process, to accelerate the speed of realizing value for customers. It is expected that in 2021, ASIAICMP can provide a complete automated overall solution for conveying systems such as automatic feeding, filter replacement, waste liquid recycling and barrel cleaning, to achieve more value for the high-tech plant and facility system.

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