Triple Tank Slurry Delivery System - iTrident wins 2022 Taiwan Excellence Award

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2022 Taiwan Excellence Award-Winning Products -----Slurry Mixing and Supplying System |iTrident

iTrident provides slurry to SEMI CMP processing. Triple tank configuration and each barrel have the same structure and functions include capabilities to mix, supply, and store. Each of tank module can work alone or together to keep the supply of the slurry ongoing without any interruption even one barrel is cleaned or malfunctioned.

The slurry is fed to a conical-bottom-sharped tank which makes mixing slurry evenly with high efficiency and no residue deposit at the bottom. It equipped with quality optimization solutions includes Wet N2 preventing slurry drying, adjustment module answering analysis finding, heat exchange controlling the slurry temperature, pressure-control module regulating flow and pressure.

The number of operations by the system as a whole is reduced and in turn prolongs the lifecycle of the system. it is capable of providing better functional redundancy, safe space, mixing more precisely, ensures quality in real-time, and the system operation cost reduced.
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