2021 Dongguan Taiwan Famous Expo Shows ASIAICMP's AutoSmart Solution

ASIAICMP, as an important partner of the slurry/chemical delivery system facility for semiconductor high-tech factory management scope, was unveiled at the 12th 2021 Dongguan Taiwan Famous Expo. The conference makes semiconductor-related vendors and experts get together. It includes cloud services/storage, Internet of Things equipment and smart applications, and is brilliantly presented in the 5G Cloud Internet of Things and Semiconductor Pavilion.

In addition to demonstrating the precise control capabilities of high-tech facility equipment, ASIAICMP also exhibited the SmartAuto series of chemical barrel/drum/tank material management with smart automatic advantages. ASIAICMP's solution is combined with self-made hardware facilities such as conveying, lid opening and barrel shaker units. The intelligence and data of the unmanned operation framework, the value created from integrated from software, hardware and experience. It makes the chemical barrel material handling work that has been exposed to dangerous operations by humans in the past can be automated, avoiding hazard work. ASIAICMP's self-made equipment has been recognized by Taiwan Excellence Awards for many times. For example, in 2020, the intelligent drum shaker "TB-200" won the 2021 Taiwan Excellence Award; the triple-tank structure of the slurry delivery system "iTrident" received the 2022 Taiwan Excellence Award in 2021. ASIAICMP's value, such as product design/ R&D/ marketing/ quality control/ Taiwan manufacturing, has passed the test of the Taiwan Excellence Award, and the highlights are also displayed in this Taiwan Expo.

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