Impressive!! SEMICON China 2018

The world's largest semiconductor professional business show 30th SEMICON China opened in Shanghai on the March 14th. It contained 6 exhibition halls, which attracted the top industry pioneers all over the world. More than one thousand companies exhibited and there were several advanced technology forums held concurrently with FPD CHINA. The exhibition was expected to attract more than 70,000 professional visitors for three days. It was an important event for the semiconductor industry and the optoelectronics industry.

AsiaICMP, headquartered in Hsinchu, Taiwan, participated and shared the successful experiences of the company's Slurry Dispense and Supply System (SDS) and Chemical Dispense System(CDS) for more than 20 years. The first day of the exhibition attracted the attention of many semiconductor supply chain players, such as foundries, DRAM factories, and display manufacturers whom from China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Europe and the United States.

Asia ICMP launched the research team of chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) equipment at the Institute of Industrial Science and Technology (ITRI) in Taiwan, accumulating valuable experiences for the semiconductor CMP process, then develop Slurry Dispense System (SDS) Integration Total Solution. By mastering the characteristics of polishing slurries and chemicals, they provide precise mixing, blending, smart operating, and optimistic planning solutions. R&D and manufacturing base in Taiwan to create flexible and customizable system solutions with expected stability.

Branches in Taiwan Tainan, China in Shanghai and Xiamen, feedbacking the customer service needs. Providing ONE-STOP build/expansion in the system design, project supervision, on-line operation and other complete program. More than 20 years, the first target is to build the system stability, safety and customer satisfaction.

In the past few years, Asia’s semiconductor industry has been strong growth. To achieve a higher level of customer satisfaction, AsiaICMP continues to strive for excellence by exploring many exclusive key components as the most suitable solution in the SDS and CDS system, including equipment, pipelines organizing, sensor optimistic, and smooth operating.

AsiaICMP introduced several new solutions for more advanced operating such as Temperature and humidity control, accurate raw material supply/titrate control, easy-to-install and space-saving liquid filtration systems, and better mixing strategies. Those success storied wrote down by including the China’s latest established TOP DRAM manufacturers from 2016 to 2018.

AsiaICMP, safety first and core value as customer’s satification, provides a comprehensive automated supply mix program. Based on Industry 4.0 and assisting customers to achieve a more-than-smart manufacturing model of high-efficiency, high-yield, zero-breakage and other integrated systems.

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