SEMI level High Tech Facility System - Optimized Slurry Dispensing / Blending / Supply Solution

In recent years, the importance of Industry 4.0 for semiconductor industry is increasing gradually. By the integration of Big Data and the added value of artificial intelligence (AI), the fab facility system will be more automated and intelligent, which will help process quality control. Advance development and environmental safety have brought many high-tech facilities to the next generation. There are many facilities in the plant, including water, electricity, gas, chemical, and environmental protection. Slurry Dispensing / Distribution System (SDS), dispensing and supplying slurry that meet process requirements to ensure mechanical planarization (CMP) process stability and quality optimization, is one of the significant system in semiconductor manufacturing plant when it supplies the slurry in the flattening process.

To mention automation era of the plant system, the liquid delivery system of the high-tech plant needs to ensure the quality of the supplied-slurry or supplied-chemical liquid is comparable to the incoming material during the mixing, storage and supply stages of the dispensing process. Although chemical polishing liquid / slurry should be deliveried during system piping for a long time and a long distance, it must meet the requirement of quality of the incoming material manufacturer and achieve the optimum process when the slurry be dispensed to the processing area. To provide the valuable services to customer, Asia ICMP has accumulated success stories more than 20 years in building a central slurry system (Central SDS) all over the world. Integrating advantageous solutions to enhance the monitoring and control capabilities of the dispensing system, and providing intelligent quality control solutions for the fab.

The SEMICON Taiwan International Semiconductor Exhibition will be held on September 5th at the Nangang Exhibition Hall. The "High Tech Facility Pavilion" includes multinational manufacturers to show solutions related to the intelligent factory system. The Asia-Pacific Semiconductor Equipment (AsiaICMP) will be at the K2960 booth on the first-floor stage area to share how the SDS responds to the requirements of Semiconductor Advanced Process and Smarter Industry 4.0.


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