SDS as an engineering backing for CMP, which advancing with IC60 grand ceremony

To celebrate the development of the semiconductor IC in Taiwan for 60 years, the “IC 60 ceremony” of master forums and technical seminars were held during the exhibition of SEMICON Taiwan. In the past 60 years, Taiwan is as an incubator for semiconductor supply chain that have supported many semiconductor supply chain technology vendors, witnessing the glory of development of each process and the key to the success of many world-class fab operations.

When the Slurry Dispensing System (SDS) is used as a slurry factory support system of liquid supplying for wafer flatness or CMP tool. It is responsible for the loading, blending, mixing, transportation and storage of the slurry. To ensure the CMP processing requirements must be fulfilled, it contains slurry is well-dispersed, the great overall conditions of the slurry liquid, and smooth integration of quality control system.

SDS includes:
1. liquid feeding and storage equipment in the charging operation area,
2. mixing and feeding equipment in Sub-Fab area,
3. supplying and dispensing equipment in wafer manufacturing area (Fab), and
4. quality control and management solutions for integrating series operation and engineering of the system.
In order to provide optimal overall system operation, as a successful system engineering supplier who need to explore the DEMAND of customers then response those issues forwarding to improve them one by one.

When slurry is composited by liquid and particle, the transportation process of the slurry is more complicated and difficult than the general chemical liquid transportation. The working environment needs to consider and optimize design for many criteria such as humidity, flow channel to reduce the dead log, communication and piping connection, etc. The quality control of slurry is in response to various categories that slurry shall be optimally adjusted. Asia ICMP is a total solution provider for the slurry dispensing system, SDS. Over the years, Asia ICMP have focused on listening carefully to the customer's voice, exploring and fully understanding the customer's demands to find a viable solution for each customer. To create a customized system of corresponding advantages for each customer.

Jack Hsu, Asia ICMP CTO, said that “in order to maxima the value of different customers, Asia ICMP provides not only slurry supply equipment and system engineering, but also includes competitive quality analysis instruments on the market to integrated as a real-time quality control system. Becoming a pioneer for a-better-management system integrator, Asia ICMP have been developing self-made functional modules for slurry dispensing. Including the recent introduction of automated and unmanned safe material incoming operations. New ideas have been developed and designed for customers in advance, responding rapid changing of advanced semiconductor processing.”

Correct response and precise service as customers’ evaluation of Asia ICMP, they have the ability to independently develop and make valve parts and supply components, and has CNC lathes / computer lathes in the factory to create unique parts for solving problems and creating value for customers with non-standard customized products. Jenny Liu, Asia ICMP GM, said that “Asia ICMP has been exploring new value for more than 20 years and providing a fast response to the customized system. Each set of system is unique, and only the value of Asia IMCP provided is consistency.”

Jenny Said, “Asia ICMP has proposed many bold new improvements plans of slurry dispensing orientation, and has the privilege of being favored by customers. It is our pleasure that our customers are willing to innovate together to pursue leading performance in the industry. As we know prevention is better than remedy which is both in terms of cost and technical advancement for system engineering. Therefore, Asia ICMP has devoted themselves in exploring right value of SDS while identifying the customer's reliabilities, proposing innovative solutions, being the pioneering SDS total solution experts is most important commitments proposed by us. We have been creating a win-win situation for the advantages of Asia ICMP, customers and semiconductor supply chain when exploring on macroscopic and microscopic orientation to find value.”

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