Total Value Up Model for Advanced Process Liquid Blend & Delivery System SDS/CDS

SEMICON Taiwan International Semiconductor Exhibition was held at the Nangang Exhibition Hall to celebrate the development of Taiwan's integrated circuit. The IC 60 Masters Forum is an opening for the semiconductor development cerebration event. There are also many professional forums. Asia ICMP will join the expo and at the Innovation Technology Conference (TechXPOT) presenting “exploreing how the liquid delivery systems (SDS/CDS) can be a key supplying tool to semiconductor flattening/CMP processes, and the importance with their value and future creation.”

With the advancement of semiconductor advanced processes, the vision we focused has been changed. Moore's Law practice has focused on minimizing a small amount of integrated materials, in order to optimize the efficiency and cost of the wafer process. Nowadays, we are focusing on the micro-nano process, the key process and the factory are optimally integrated. Providing the semiconductor factory customers with more controllable and stable quality supply in the process environment to achieve the flexibility of more advanced processes is one of the important task in this semiconductor new era.

Wafer flattening plays an important role to fine line solutions, and the precise control of the CMP process equipment and slurry liquid is an important key to wafer planarizing optimization. Although, the Slurry Dispense System (SDS) is not as widely-discussed as key functions processing tools, it is responsible for the dispensing-precisely of the slurry. Therefore, SDS can be defined as a major backing to the quality of the Chemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP) process.

According to the various demands of different fab such as product size, product specification or processing characteristics, there are corresponding slurry dispensing systems. Central SDS is for large-scale mass production when the structures across through multi-level. local supply systems (local SDS / Semi-automatic SDS) is for short-path, small-scale and flexible orientation. No matter how the application mode is adjusted, the same quality principle must be fulfilled such as the condition of storage, mixing, and transportation.

Therefore, a stable and reliable slurry dispensing system includes several functions such as material feeding, careful-handled abrasive particles, quality monitoring for viscosity, conductivity, pH, particle distribution, particle size monitoring, pipeline temperature, and humidity and pressure, etc. The achievements of AsiaICMP over the years showed perfect organizing and coordinating from design, manufacturing to installation and operation. it is fully compatible with the development strategy of slurry characteristics, exclusive valve body, and liquid delivering components.

Jack Hsu, CTO of AsiaICMP, shared the comprehensive evolution of the semiconductor liquid delivery system at the SEMICON TechXPOT Innovation Technology Conference. He said that AsiaICMP’s customers rely on our capabilities, each case is regarded as a great chance for creating value with customers, whether it is a new factory or extension plan.

A few years ago, a customer demanded a method to gain higher value without the existing orientation of SDS; they expected to perform solid and liquid mixing in the slurry system. In this case, many competitors proposed a plan. In the face of competition from the United States and Japan, AsiaICMP got rid of the old thinking and took the customer's needs as its sincerity. Using the most accurate and effective method to explore the real needs of customers, AsiaICMP proposed a stable and reliable customized system, and successfully carried out this task successfully.

After many successful case experiences, AsiaICMP devoted themselves in more focused on solving problems and creating value for customers. They grow forward with customers and provided many exclusive solutions such as in space utilization, minimization of supplying system devices, zero dead log valve body design applications, and comprehensively network-link and accurate quality monitoring methods from big-data-value point of view.

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