2019 SEMICON CHINA ASIAICMP and Suzhou YXT start the integration.

2019 SEMICON CHINA ASIAICMP and Suzhou YXT start the integration.
As the biggest annual event of the international semiconductor exhibition, 2019 SEMICON CHINA was unveiled in Shanghai on March 20. The opening keynote speech of this conference took over the application and vision of data collection, algorithms and computing capabilities that SEMICON KOREA focused on in January. In addition, aiming at the realization of 5G and the development of core AI technologies, driving the new development of intelligence in mainland China is also an important main axis of this year.

In order to realize the demand and growth of integrated circuits as soon as possible, there are many professional technologies around the realization of advanced semiconductor manufacturing processes and applications, including nanotechnology, smart manufacturing, green factory technology, etc., and the overall themes from manufacturing process to factory affairs.

As the semiconductor wafer process continues to be evolved, the technical forum theme of the SEMICON conference not only focuses on the improvement of process technology, but also considers the importance of factory affairs, linking the two together for better development. Take the planarization process as an example. The composition of the slurry used in this process will become more diverse with the development of the nano process, and micro/nano grade abrasive powders are added to strengthen the flat process and nano Synchronization of process integration.

Therefore, the pipeline structure and functional machine responsible for blending and delivering the chemical polishing liquid/slurry in the factory management system act as an important bridge between the advanced process slurry and the Chemical-Mechanical Polishing (CMP). The importance of the Slurry Dispensing and Delivery System (SDS) to provide accurate functions.

In response to this value, ASIAICMP proposes an exclusive solution that is designed with zero dead angles, optimized flow channels and sealing methods, and is fully in line with the characteristics of the slurry; from the design of the chemical liquid conveying pipeline, the diverter valve box/the divergent disc ( Valve Manifold Box; VMB), multi-flow valve (Plug Valve), liquid pulse wave absorption component (Damper) and chemical liquid multi-directional extraction connector (Dip Tube), etc., fully cover the necessary and value-added functions of the system. In order to meet the vision of a new generation of factory management, more intelligent control methods are proposed to achieve a miniaturized system and safe operation management solution that takes into account quality monitoring and conforms to the Minimal Fab vision.

For more than 20 years, ASIAICMP has developed a comprehensively integrated solution provider (Turnkey), with actual performance across many countries, and has served customers with outstanding technical solutions development. At the end of 2018, YXT Semiconductor Technology Suzhou Co., Ltd. was established to work with Jiangsu Yuanhe Construction Engineering Company, a high-tech plant system engineering expert, to implement cross-field plant engineering and provide service of facilities and equipment.
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