SEMICON Taiwan 2019

As an important main stage of the development of high-tech technology, semiconductors have been advancing in accordance with Moore's Law for a long time. Even if the development speed is now a bottleneck, the determination of the overall industry to move forward is still not limited. Many key members of the semiconductor industry chain believe in this law. Still applicable, as a driving force for growth and innovation.

Continued optimism about the development of industrial science and technology, driving the global semiconductor industry indicator exhibition SEMICON has attracted much attention. At the same time, in 2019, when the global semiconductor market spending is relatively conservative, Taiwan has grown rapidly; according to the latest market forecast of the SEMI International Semiconductor Association, Taiwan’s semiconductor equipment investment is expected to be the world’s highest growth rate, and the semiconductor equipment can be firmly established. The key point of advanced manufacturing process; therefore, as a leading technology indicator, SEMICON Taiwan will join hands with 700 domestic and overseas industry indicator manufacturers in 2019, and will exhibit at the same time the high-tech smart manufacturing exhibition, creating another new high exhibition scale.

This year SEMICON Taiwan once again mastered the semiconductor market trends and technological developments such as 5G, artificial intelligence applications and the Internet of Things, and focused on advanced manufacturing processes, heterogeneous integration and sustainable manufacturing. Asia ICMP, also on this stage, exhibited the Central Slurry Delivery System (SDS) and the Turnkey Liquid Chemical Delivery System (CDS) at the J3150 booth. The key to the success of the company includes its own real-time online slurry concentration monitoring system.

In addition to consolidating the quality of monitoring, it is also based on miniaturized equipment, which has a smaller footprint to meet the goal of better utilization of the plant. And continue to implement the integration of multiplier and synergy, and cooperate with the international instrument manufacturer ABB to explore more accurate online quality monitoring of chemicals, and through Taiwan Gemu (Gemu) in TechXPOT to announce the Yatai exclusive special grinding fluid VMB valve box jointly created by both parties , As a confined space zero dead angle flow channel conveying requirements.

With the development of semiconductors, Taiwan is in the midst of technological leadership. The R&D headquarters of ASIAICMP in Hsinchu, Taiwan not only recruits elite talents, but also retains the development technology foundation in Taiwan. It also established Yuanxintai Semiconductor Technology in Suzhou. As a foundry hub that bridges manufacturing in mainland China, it improves the execution of close-to-customer service and local customization. Liu Meifeng, general manager of Yatai Semiconductor and Yuanxintai, said that he believes that Taiwan is still the center of the semiconductor stage.

ASIAICMP R&D center is based on Taiwan, and its independent design and R&D team continues to develop high-end technologies and patents, and integrates with the world through cross-domain stacking and integration. Looking forward to the establishment of Yuanxintai, Yatai will be closer to the voice of customers, and continue to solve problems and create value for customers with customized strength. In 2019, the chemical liquid system department was also formally expanded to provide services to customers with specialized technical departments. It is expected that the successful experience and customized spirit of the slurry supply system SDS will be extended to the chemical liquid supply system CDS. From the grinding fluid to the chemical fluid factory system, the development of a comprehensive display, a comprehensive attack, and a full range of services has been achieved.

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