SEMICON Japan 2019

AsiaICMP attended SEMICON Japan exhibition and showed the advanced solutions for chemical handling in semi-processing
As invited by Nissei Corporation, AsiaICMP attended SEMICON Japan show 2019 . AsiaICMP has providing advanced slurry and chemical dispense system with customized total solutions to our customers, we are expanding into Japan market with collaboration partner-Nissei.
While liquid control parts market in Japan is as a pioneer developing various types of advanced valves and fittings, AsiaICMP slurry dip-tupe and quick connector exhibited first time in Japan and attracted the attention of many professional demanders. It proves AsiaICMP has competitive advantages in liquid control valve development especially for slurry dispensing solution.
Slurry flows through the quick connector in slurry delivery system and is sprayed onto wafers for chemical polishing, thus, valves and connectors adopted in slurry delivery system must be designed no dead log formation. AsiaICMP has exclusive patent for no dead log designed slurry valve and quick connector, it capable of stopping backflow on both sides of valves with no leakage and contamination occurs.
In the face of the continuous improvement of the future processing requirements, AsiaICMP will continue to develop unique components supporting our customers for advanced processing value added

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