TB-200 won Taiwan Excellence Award 2021

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Taiwan Excellence Award, covers four major aspects of “R&D”, “Design”, “Quality” and “Marketing” to identify outstanding products that offer “Innovative Value” while satisfying the key criterion of being “made in Taiwan”, the 29th award ceremony was held on November 25. 

ASIAICMP’s "Barrel and drum Shaker TB-200" won the affirmation of 2021 Taiwan Excellence Award. Its product design concept adheres to the consistent spirit of ASIAICMP that listens to and understands the needs of customers and provides customers with market originality that exceeds customer expectations. Products and services that are in line with economic benefits.

TB-200 is the industry's first shell-coated barrel shaker and tumbler, which can make the tank shaker 360-degree after being dumped at a 30-degree angle to make the liquid inside the barrel more comprehensive. Including leakage carrier plate, easy and effortless feeding method of pushing the barrel, intelligent sensing device, man-machine operation interface, etc., all for user safety and convenience considerations; and adopting two-axis gear-type discs, with four The bearing idler brake device disperses the pressure load, which can extend the life of the support frame, which is safer and more energy-saving than the single-arm movement of the traditional drum shaker.

Different from the traditional drum shaker, the work furnishing structure is too simple and rough. The product functions and value of TB-200 are easy to use, comfortable, and safe. It conforms to the considerations of humanization and human factors engineering. It also has an aesthetic appearance design. Outside, they are all original in the market. Chief Technology Officer JAck Xu said that the original concept of ASIAICMP’s research and development products first starts from the customer’s point of view, and then examines its own capabilities and defines the necessity of functional requirements; each time a product is launched that responds to customer needs, it is not only a shaping service, but also a demonstration of Asia. The connotation of creating value together with customers.

ASIAICMP has gone through more than 20 years. General Manager Jenny Liu took over as chairman in 2017. In the same year, he launched a brand re-engineering plan and established a marketing team to integrate Yatai’s long-standing "integrity and quality" with the brand. Through the right language, Appropriate expressions will convey the value of Yatai to customers. She further stated that ASIAICMP is a big family, and every member of the family is a wonderful brand spokesperson. This time winning the Taiwan Excellence Award is an affirmation of the brand and the driving force for Yatai to move forward.

ASIAICMP is committed to fully demonstrating the brand value made in Taiwan, providing customers with a precise product portfolio, actively listening to customers, adhering to the spirit of customization, and continuing to provide the most appropriate chemistry for the semiconductor, optoelectronic, medical and other industries liquid system solutions.
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