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Slurry Delivery System Total Solution

Product NO.SDS Customized-Total Solu
  • AsiaICMP Slurry Dispense system (SDS) with blend and/or supply capability, developed for advanced Chemical Mechanical Polishing/Planarization (CMP) processes, offers the first high-quality with cost-effective management solution to meet the slurry and chemistry mixing and delivery needs. Reducing system complexity, capital cost, and maintenance requirements.
  • Customized with modulated design for challenging CMP applications:
  • 1. Complete mixing strategy to use various slurry blending conditions
  • 2. Avoid sedimentation, keep slurries in good suspension
  • 3. Standard, aggressive and jet-mixing stirs, minimizing detriment of particle-sensitive slurry
  • 4. Precise and programmable mixing strategy
  • 5. Modular in functions, structures, and metrology tools
  • 6. Less pH shock/ slurry settlement
  • 7. Improved flow-loop design for multi-process needs
  • 8. Effective double-filter module
  • 9. Complete Inline flushing capability
  • 10. Improved double-buffered tanks, supply flow loop and triple tank mixing supply combined function SDS offer due loops supply system design
  • 11. Open drum/ regular drum/ tote raw materials
  • 12. Tank sizes and materials can be customized (for 60,120,250,500 & 1000L disk, corn type)
  • 13. Modular in functions, structures, and optional modules
  • *Redundant System: if one fails, the standby one will immediately take control and distribute slurry to the global loop.
  • *Optional Metrology/Control alternatives
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