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Slurry drum|Tumbler

Auto Shaker & Tumbler

Product NO.Auto Tumbler / TB 200
ASIAICMP Tumbler is with stylish appearance, safety protection (leakage and operating), noise reduction, optimal mixing effect, better operating life and safety, improve quality control, reduced manpower operation requirements, replacement material cost reduction. Value-added features is as follows,
1. Earth Axis complete rotation (Rotates 360-Degrees, tilts 30-Degrees), the liquid tank reach continuous tumble with no dead angle rolling.
2. PLC control with smart sensor module
3. Scroll wheel makes a safe and lighter-weighted tumbling operation.
4. Fasten and fix unit, enclosed double-layer fixing ring and adjustable top, strengthen the safety
5. Gear wheel stabling the base and avoiding shaking caused by tumble activities. Reduce the risk of unstable-directional shaking, and improve the life time and reliability.
6. Overflow liquid can be gathered in the water tray.
7. Load cells module record loading trend when tumbling work as a quality control unit.
8. Automatic sampling

Taiwan Excellence Award
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